Every Movie Buff’s Dream Come True!

Ever found yourself lost in the abyss of laziness and lethargy, not knowing how to spend your free time? When even your faithful smartphone can’t entertain you or bring some excitement into your life, the boredom engulfing you can be pretty depressing. Unless you do not allow that to happen. That’s when our billion dollar worth entertainment industry dives in to your rescue. Movies are being produced left, right and center, both in Hollywood as well as Bollywood and every year, a number of films grab eyeballs for their excellent content, entertainment value as well as the film-making prowess of the crew. Such films are lying in wait to entertain you and all you need to do is lay your hands on them. But how does one do that? Paying a visit to the theatres every time one is bored is not a viable option because it comes with a price tag and it also doesn’t allow one to watch at one’s leisure. So is there another alternative? Thankfully there is and this time, it can be accessed from your smartphone itself!

While piracy is never encouraged, there exist a few apps and websites that have worked their way around this to provide a massive collection of movies and sitcoms to the public for free. These include Netflix, Torrents, The PirateBay and so on. One similar app is ShowBox which has impressed millions of users with its exclusive features. Let us look into it more closely and gauge the reasons for its immense popularity.

Well for starters, other websites like Netflix have a billing system which allows the user a free trial of 1 month and then starts charging them monthly for their services. On the contrary, ShowBox charges you absolutely nothing even if you choose to download every single movie they have. That again would be a hypothetical situation because ShowBox offers one of the most massive collections and it would probably take a person years to go through a significant portion of their collection. ShowBox is even diligent enough to keep up with every episode release of the popular sitcoms and immediately uploads it for everyone to enjoy. Apart from this, it also offers enthusiastic movie buffs a wide array of genres to choose from by having a number of filters using which one can shortlist a movie easily. So does ShowBox have the latest movies? Absolutely. Every movie of 2015is ready to be downloaded, including the ones that reined the box-office. All you have to do is download the app.

For all the people who nurture a passion for movies and are not satisfied with the latest releases, ShowBox caters to their needs as well. Movie enthusiasts who wish to delight themselves with the releases of the early 90’s can also do so because this wondrous app has collections beginning from 1930. Clearly, ShowBox aims not only at impressing Gen Y but also the senior population by bringing a nostalgic smile on their faces and make them reminisce their days of movie watching. To add a cherry to the cake, ShowBox guarantees an HD viewing experience for every movie or episode downloaded. They do accept that a few of their videos, that are harder to come by, may have a poorer video quality but a majority of their movies and sitcoms, especially the popular ones are only in HD. Not allowing any compromise in quality is one of the reasons why ShowBox is racing towards the peak of the mountain of success in the world of free video streaming.

To add to the seemingly never ending list of this app’s positives, ShowBox also gives its users the luxury of choosing movies based on IMDB’s ratings as well as ShowBox’s very own ratings. It also has the exceptional feature of effortless streaming by minimizing the buffering time during a download. While this app isn’t available on Google Play Store, it can be downloaded on any Android based phone by following an easy, step-by-step tutorial available on the net. The latest version of ShowBox also allows free streaming of music. Like we needed another reason to love this app. Those who haven’t used this app and experienced the user-friendly interface first-hand might be a little skeptical about the tall claims made by this app but let me tell you that you can rest assured about its credibility. Having feedback websites painted with songs of praise by dozens of regular users, ShowBox is gaining a huge fan base which only gets bigger with every passing day. It also allows seamless streaming if you don’t wish to download and there is a special feature where one can enable Chromecase support and connect ShowBox to it. Also, any issues with the app can be reported and their efficient customer service will respond and provide a fix for the issue. Clearly, one does not need to emphasize on the fact that the makers of ShowBox left no stone unturned when it came to putting forward the best streaming service possible. Surely ShowBox is a boon to every movie buff, but doesn’t every coin have another side to it?


Piracy is technically a crime so if you delve into the technicalities, ShowBox is basically endorsing piracy and hence, criminal activity and by using the app, so are you! Movie making is an art and the objective behind prohibiting piracy is to discourage free distribution of a precious craft that deserves its due in the form of compensation. A dedicated team usually makes a film happen and by distributing it for free, apps like ShowBox make going to the theatre redundant. This has an impact on the sales oftickets, thus affecting the film’s business. So the bottom line is, piracy is illegal and so is ShowBox! In developed countries, more efforts are being put in to nip the problem of piracy at the bud but the process is a slow one. Blaming ShowBox is also incorrect because where there is demand, there will be supply and this app merely supplies. If there didn’t exist a demand for pirated videos, there wouldn’t exist an app like ShowBox. Hence, a judicious use of this app for movies which aren’t running in theatres would help in reducing unnecessary piracy. However keeping aside the aspect of piracy, one cannot deny that ShowBox is pretty flawless. It delivers everything it promises and most importantly, it is free. Gone are the days of boredom! Infact, I have already decided on what I want to download from ShowBox. Have you?

What You Need To Know About Carrageenan


You might have read various articles about carrageenan, their uses, where they are extracted and what the look like. Although it sounds like a fancy name for a chemical, it’s actually harvested from natural substances specifically red seaweed so it can’t be really considered a ‘chemical’. Yes it may sound all too foreign but it’s used on many products on the market, especially in the food industry.

Here in this article, we want to make it clear that carrageenan is a natural food additive, just like your natural salt and pepper; so there’s nothing to fear when seeing it in the ingredients of the product you bought, don’t be “that guy”.

Is Carrageenan Safe?


Okay you might have heard of countless accusations that carrageenan is dangerous to your health and whatnot, but exactly how reliable are these sources? Exactly! Don’t be that person who would avoid any food with a certain kind of ingredient in it just because they heard it from a distant friend that read some random article on an unofficial website; you should do your own research.

In the first place carrageenan was never found to be harmful to any person. It’s an important ingredient to various food products, so important that some food can’t even be produced without carrageenan. We have consumed it for so many decades, not just as but almost everyone in the world, but we have never heard of dire case mainly concerning carrageenan. Milkshakes, diet sodas and ham are the most common examples of products with carrageenan that we consume all the time; the only health concern that these products give off due to overconsumption are additional weight, sugar level and cholesterol. So no, there’s nothing about carrageenan lessening your lifespan.

What Does Carrageenan Do?

Many of you might be wondering why the food industry needs carrageenan so much and why some can’t produce a proper batch of food without it. Carrageenan is one of the best stabilizers that nature has offered to us, as we said they are produced from seaweed. It mainly offers enhanced textures, overall structure and even a better physical appearance to the food which adds to the entire indulgence.


A great example would be those diet versions of food we love like diet sodas, low calorie milk and chips with less fat. In reality, almost anything that’s great for our health lacks flavour, that’s why it’s a chore to go on a diet. But these diet version of the foods also taste as good as their non diet versions, so why is that? Carrageenan is the answer, it enhance the flavours and textures even when they remove a huge percentage of sugar or salt from the original products.

Carrageenan in Pet Food

No, there is nothing new to this, pet food manufacturers have been adding an small amount of carrageenan to pet food for years now. In case you’re wondering, yes the food is still safe for our furry friends. Millions of our furry friends enjoy wet pet food everyday and there hasn’t been a single incident of harm that was ‘caused’ by carrageenan.

Get Out Of The Sexual Assault Trauma


Sexual assault is a crime punishable under law, and the various provisions have been made in regards for the same. To be a victim of sexual assault is something which could actually take away the life of the person who suffers the same, and it becomes very important for the legal assistants to let the victim get over the trauma as soon as possible. For the enhanced assistance in legal terms, the sexual assault lawyers Toronto are all set to help. Based on the experience and expertise of the different service providers, you should pick the services which suit your preferences in the most suitable way.

How to pick the best legal aid

mobbing in office

Talking about legal aid, what makes a service provider the best, is the knowledge and the experience that an individual has gained while serving on the field. It is the practical experience that counts, and so is the expertise defined. To pick the best legal aid, you need to take the following aspects into consideration;

  • Past clientage- The clients with which the company has already worked is the evidence of its efficiency. To know how proficient a service provider is, you need to take the previous clients feedback into consideration. They would be able to guide you with their reviews.
  • Work experience- The time duration and the number of clients that have already been in service related to the concerned service provider, are the evidence of the experience that the service provider has. The experience speaks for itself, and that is how you could ascertain the capability of a law attorney.
  • Resources- To render the legal services in the most appropriate way, the most important resource is the knowledge. To test the knowledge, it is very important to have a direct interaction with the attorney. The way in which he listens to your case, analyses the same, and adopts various methods to solve the same are some of the things which could tell about his knowledge related to the particular field.


This is how you can pick the most efficient service and go on getting your case resolved. The damages that you suffer and go through, will all get paid off once you take your case forward under the assistance of a connoisseur sexual assault lawyer. The attorney should understand the sensitivity of the issue and your image, and deal with the case accordingly.

What is ShowBox and what are its features?

ShowBox Movie App is an Android application that is designed particularly for smartphones. If you have any Android gadget, you can without much of a stretch, download ShowBox Movie App and satisfy all your diversion longings. This application accompanies all the spilling abilities to sit in front of the films and TV Shows for nothing. ShowBox is one of the best applications for Android devices as it permits clients to watch HD motion pictures for nothing. If you need to upgrade your amusement/entertainment choices, you can undoubtedly download ShowBox for free. You can find ShowBox Movie App on the web or in the Google Play Store. I guess due to few glitches, the Play Store has as of now removed it from its database. However, You can easily download ShowBox on your Android device with only a single tick by going by the store, if available or from any other third party resources.  If you haven’t downloaded any application from different sources, you should initially allow your phone to download the APK files from unknown resources and then download the ShowBox APK file to install it.Show-Box-Icon-150x150 Most importantly, you need to go to “Settings” tab, then “Security” and turn on the choice to download from unknown sources. Along these lines, you can download films, videos, TV shows, and recordings from different sources, with the exception of Google Play. If you introduce this application for your gadget, it is one of the essential things to do. You can also use ShowBox on Chromecast or connect it to your TV using an Android device for bigger and better entertainment.showbox-iphone-movies

ShowBox Features:

ShowBox Movie App accompanies heaps of fantastic features that are extremely helpful. Here are some of them you should look at:

  1. Freebies: ShowBox Movie App is an allowed to introduce application that is intended to appreciate different most recent films and scenes of all your most loved sitcoms for free
  2. Accessibility: Another best component of ShowBox Movie application is that it chips away at iOS, Android, and PC. Notwithstanding, you can’t straightforwardly download and introduce ShowBox on your PC. You have first to launch an Android emulator like BlueStacks. It chips away at Windows 8.1, 8 and 7 and Mac. It is not accessible for Windows XP.
  3. Stream from Different Sources: The ShowBox iOS application is fit for gathering streams from various sources so you can stream any of your most loved video, motion pictures or appear over the web at one spot. While gushing recordings, it demonstrates less or no promotions by any means. Consequently, ShowBox iOS application gives you endless and unadulterated entertainment.
  4. Easy to use GUI Interface: ShowBox App has an engaging and well-known interface so you can undoubtedly utilize it with no issue.
  5. Bolsters HD Movies: As indicated by the determination of your gadget’s screen, the ShowBox application supports HD films.
  6. Colossal Compilation of Shows and Movies for free: In ShowBox App, you can watch an enormous scope of motion pictures and appears. Henceforth, apparently, you will locate your most loved appears and films there. What’s more, you can likewise download the motion pictures to observe later.


Cars Under 10000 Dollars – Pick The Most Suitable Car Option


Cars have always been a status symbol. It is a privilege to own an expensive car but many individuals still have a desire to buy a car due to budget limitations. These individuals lack enough money to buy a new car so they look for second hand or used car option. Definitely, it is worth to own a used car if there are no major flaws. Cars under $10,000 dollars have become highly popular. 10000 dollars is sufficient amount to own a car which has been properly managed and manufactured by reputed brand. If you have serious plans of buying a used car and do want to make the accurate call, it is worth to read the entire article. We have here tried to mention out some important points which could be considered as effective tips while selecting a used car. In last few years due to economic crises, used cars have turned into a prosperous business. With a shortage of money, people all around the world prefer to buy a used car. It is just like clicking double bonanza as used cars help in gaining status symbol along with not much pressure on the pocket.


Surely, used cars have turned into a big booming industry where you can expect many fraud resources trying to misguide the users. These fraud resources are known for sharing false information about the used cars. Well, they will simply take money out of your pocket and deliver the poor quality car. From your side, you can create of list of cars which matches your requirements. Try to have a maximum budget as better the condition, more you are asked to pay. Cars under $10,000 dollars will give you the privilege of owning a car which is suitable one and fits the limited budget.

When it comes to purchasing used cars the most vital aspect is the quality online source of purchase. Half of your job is done if you are able to find a reliable and good source. A wrong source is just wastage of time, money and effort. Scam sources will make you avail bad condition cars at expensive prices. You need to avoid such poor quality sources by all means. Buying a used affordable car is an easy task if you have exact knowledge of cars and fully aware about your needs and decided the budget.


While selecting used cars under $10,000 dollars, you must ask an expert or follow the reliable online source. An expert or quality online source will enrich your knowledge about used cars and also assists in saving some serious money. If you check online, there is a good number of websites which are selling used cars. A list is presented in front of you and with just a few clicks you will be able to buy perfect used car under the budget of $10000. There is still plenty more to explore about used so find out the latest details as soon as possible. With enough information in your hands, you will only select the best-used car under $10,000.

Start Your Paper Stress Free


Probably one of the most daunting and tiring paper writing to do are research papers. Just gathering data about the topic takes a lot of effort and time on your part. It does not just stop there because you will have to analyze the data gathered and start your paper. Now that too will take a lot of your time and effort. You may have to resign yourself into spending most of your time writing the paper to deliver something good to your readers. Sometimes you may feel like screaming “can someone do my research paper for me?” That’s the stress getting to you and taking a toll on you. You can avoid all that worry and stress though by starting it right and consider to do these useful reminders.


Manage Your Time

When it comes to writing research paper, you are usually given a deadline that you must adhere to no matter what. It is very rare that deadlines are extended. If it is, consider yourself lucky. Because there is a deadline it is a good idea to plan out your writing process and set schedules for them. That way you can monitor your progress and see whether you are falling behind. This way you can appropriate your time to areas you know would need most of your time without worrying you would run out of it. You can also ensure that you have enough time to go over your drafts to come up with a final paper.

Outline Your Paper


Another thing to do is to organize your data and sources well. Gathering data takes a lot of time and sometimes you will have to use several sources. Because of the numerous sources sometimes you are unable to keep track of them so it would be good to keep a detailed list. Aside from that, you might want to map your ideas out. By doing that you will be able to outline the flow of your paper and it will also reveal the main points as well as the supporting points. You will also be able to determine how you want to deliver the research to your readers.

There is no need for you to deal with the stress that could possibly come with writing a research paper. Just remember to prepare well at the start so you are able to go about it smoothly. Have the right foundation for a successful research paper.

Arrange a peaceful funeral for your beloveds!!

Being the most frightening term in the whole dictionary, a funeral makes us realize that our loved ones are no longer with us, hence showcasing the reality of life. Being the after death rituals, a funeral service surely leaves a mark in the memory of our loved ones. This service is held just after the cremation ceremony of the dead person.home-feature-funeral-arrangements1

Nowadays, arranging a funeral service has become a pocket-friendly and easy method to bid farewell to the people we love and help the family in such difficult times. There are certain important things that are necessary to keep in mind, before making any arrangements for the funeral. To make the arrangements related to the same in Singapore, there is a necessity to know about certain points. Some of them are given as follows,

  • As per the Chinese religion, the cosmological balance gets disrupted by the death of the person. Talking of funeral services Singapore also follows the same tradition of performing funeral service to maintain the cosmological balance of the planet.
  • A music band leads the funeral procession, which is followed the beloved family members of the person.
  • Due to the little space available, dead people are cremated in Singapore, along with food offerings and other rituals.

A Funeral service in Singapore is headed successfully by the National Environment Agency. It takes some fairly low price for these services to take place by some of the committed and most trusted organizations. A continuous 24*7 service for the funerals of the dead makes this service in Singapore more popular and successful.

A large number of offers and discounts on various funeral services aim at helping a larger audience and their family in the difficult times. From funeral planning to the writing of will, the funeral service manages to provide complete help, regarding the same.

How To Manage Your Online Movies


The internet is a great place for everything – from communicating directly and showcasing your work to watching movies and viewing other digital content. Media streaming is now one of the most used ways people choose to listen to their music and watch their shows and movies.

However, these services can often turn out to make it hard for you to manage all your digital content; mainly because most such services are dedicated to a certain type of content, and require you to sign up to and use a separate service for viewing another form of media.

Fortunately, it is possible to easily manage and organize your content and keep it all in one place. Be it music from a new artist that you’ve recently discovered or a suicide squad streaming you’ve planned, there are several ways that you can easily and effectively organize all of it, and we’re going to tell you how.


Use – well another service

While adding another service to your list might seem like going the other way, it will actually help you. Certain online services allow you to organize all your movies, music, books, and a huge variety of other content into a single place. This can really help you reduce the time that you waste looking for or browsing to different services.

Organize into groups

If you can’t manage to add some of such services into another, single service, going the old way may help you better than anything else. Be it simple folders or popup groups, organizing your service applications using such basic features can really help you out. Some of the simplest and oldest organizing features in digital devices can work better than anything else.

Speed Dial


Unless you either use an amazingly simple and feature-lacking, or an insanely outdated web browser, it is likely to carry the speed dial feature. Speed Dial is a really common feature in web browsers on all major platforms, and allows you to save certain websites as click-able thumbnails on the startup window of your web browser.

Go with compatible services

Certain sets of online services can turn out to be highly compatible with each other, and offer a lot of convenience when used together. For example, a digital art application may allow you to upload directly to an online art showcase community; and a note service may allow you to automatically back your data up on the cloud with another service.

The Benefits Of Using Voip


VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is nothing but a technology that enables users to use the broadband internet to make calls using VOIP phones rather than making calls using the conventional phone system. VOIP effectively converts sounds into a form of digital voice communication and transfers the same via internet broadband. Using a VOIP system basically means using your internet to make voice calls. There are some amazing benefits of using the VOIP system especially for businesses.

Save Money

Using VOIP phones is a lot cheaper than using a traditional phone system. Long distance calls are cheaper than voice calls. Using a traditional phone to make calls requires you to spend for each minute that you speak. With VOIP using internet as the backbone, the only cost of making an international call will be the internet bill that will be paid to your Internet Service Provider. The only requirement for making these calls will be access to broadband internet with decent speed. Most businesses use 24/7 unlimited ADSL internet services that has a fixed monthly cost. This means that you can speak as much as you want using your VOIP phone and your internet bill will be exactly the same month on month.



A VOIP telephone system provides great comfort and convenience and is available across the world. You can use any broadband connection to login to your VOIP phones and you will immediately hear a dial tone. Irrespective of where you are around the world, you won’t face any problem making calls using VOIP as long as you have access to a broadband connection. VOIP systems are also made available via email and can be used conveniently while travelling. All you need is your VOIP phone and you can make a low cast phone call to your clients or staff.


You do not necessarily need to use VOIP phones to make calls using the VOIP system. All you need is your regular phone and a VOIP adapter or a VOIP converter. A VOIP converter looks similar to a USB stick that can be plugged into any computer. This converter will sense the signals emanating from your phone and will convert these signals into digital data that is then routed over the internet. For this service to work properly, your computer must be turned on. A VOIP system also gives you the flexibility to get your personal VOIP number. This can be beneficial is you need to receive call while travelling. All you would need is a high speed broadband connection.


VOIP phones can not only be used for voice calls, it can be used to conduct video conferences as well. This is an important aspect from a business perspective as it helps stay in touch with clients and colleagues to discuss various affairs, discuss deals, conduct meetings, discuss documentation, pass files and create agendas irrespective of where you are. Even when you are travelling internationally you can attend to important meetings in the office without being physically present.



With a normal phone line, only two people can speak at the same time. If you do need a conference call done, your service provider would charge you an extra amount. With VOIP you can setup a conference call with the entire team without having to worry about the number of users that will be joining. Since VOIP compresses the data packets during transmission, this enables more data to be handled resulting in more calls being handled on a single line.

Cheaper Software And Hardware

If you wish you use VOIP only for voice calling, all you would need apart from an internet connection and your computer will be speakers, a sound card and a microphone. These hardware components are cheap to procure. Several software packages are also available on the internet that can be downloaded and used for VOIP calling. Net2Phone and Skype are classic examples. With these systems you would not even need a phone set. All you would need is a computer and a fast internet connection.

Useful Features

VOIP systems also have various features that can benefit users. These features make the VOIP experience extremely sophisticated for your business or even your personal use. These features can also better equip you for call management. Some of these features include contact lists, caller ID, Voicemail, virtual numbers, 3 way calling, call waiting, call blocking, 411 directory, 911 service and a lot more. There are various advanced VOIP features as well that include anonymous call block, E911 service, change phone number, enhanced voicemail, telemarketer blocking, toll free numbers, area code selection, call transfer, multi ring, distinctive ringing, return call, line unavailable forward, caller ID blocking, international blocking, do not disturb, speed dialing and a lot more.


More Than Voice

VOIP systems can be used for a lot more than just voice calls. It is based on the Internet Protocol (IP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) that enables the VOIP system to handle media other than voice. Users can also transfer images, text and videos along with voice. This is useful in a business scenario where an important file needs to be shared immediately before a business meet.

Bandwidth Usage

Studies have revealed that almost 50% of most voice calls is silence. With a regular phone service provider, you would still have to pay for this silence. VOIP fills these empty spaces with data so that the data communication channels bandwidth does not go to waste. This means that when a user is not talking, he is not provided with the bandwidth. This bandwidth is distributed to other users for better usage. This compression and ability to remove and reduce redundancy in speech patterns results in better efficiently and proper usage of bandwidth.

With more and more users opting for VOIP systems on a daily basis, there is no reason to switch to it today. The services are cheap and extremely effective in running the day to day business as well.

Adjustable Banners Are Great And Flexible Display Solutions


There are a variety of reasons to use advertising banners. Whether you are organizing a short lived event, new event or businesses that need extra recognition, an advertising banner would do wonders for such situations. If you are choosing the adjustable banner stands for promotional or company events, then you are selecting the right path towards a successful sales pitch. The adjustable stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes and as the name suggest, they are very flexible. If the banner stand is used in promotional events with catchy wordings then it is likely to catch the attention of the interest people in the event.

Adjustable Sleek Display Solution

The adjustable banner stands are just what a business need to catch the attention of the audience at any trade show, hotel lobbies, promotional event and advertising venues. Though these adjustable stands may seem complicated due to its gigantic size, but they are quite easy and simple to assemble. If you are organizing an event or trade show where space is not a concern, then using this huge banner stands can make visual impact to a longer distance and can easily attract the attention of the visitors from all over the floor.


These Adjustable Banner stands are the ultimate and affordable backdrop solution that can display step-and-repeat pattern of your company’s logo at any trade show or advertising venues. These are dye sublimated or vinyl banners that come with poles on bottom and top to easily accommodate the horizontal support poles that can be inserted easily into the sleeves of the banner. The stabilizing feet of the banner stands ensure free standing display and it will never crumble due to high traffic in congested areas.

Great Flexibility

The Adjustable Banner Stands come with great level of flexibility that you may require. If you want the banner stand to be big for more attention and display, then it can be stretched out tall and wide for larger displays. You can also make it small advertising banner by adjusting the height and width of the banner stand. So, you have the choice handy with you and pick the look that you want for your advertising at any event.


If you choose the right Adjustable Banner Stands for promotional purposes and marketing a company or business, then you can help you to draw attention of people with ease. It works wonderfully for advertising companies and they notice great difference in their business after using this large and flexible advertising banner.

The Best Filipino TV Entertainment At Your Time, Your Place..


That’s right. All you Filipino people scattered all over the globe and also those residing in Philippines itself finally have a cure for your seemingly insatiable Pinoy TV appetite. And we don’t blame you. We know this desire, this deep longing is for a pretty good reason. Pinoy TV shows actually do happen to be excellent!

Their theme, their storyline, their cast, their lifelike portrayal of everyday events can bowl essentially anyone over. And for those sitting far off in another land, this representation of Philippines can actually give them the much needed solace and sense of belonging to keep them going. So it’s only natural that you Filipinos are anxious to not miss even a single episode of your treasured operas when it’s on.


But good for you, now you can finally say good bye to your consuming obsession and anxiety that might surround your favourite past time. The GMA Network, TV 5 and a site called Tambayan are waiting to come to your rescue and improve your lot. The GMA network and TV 5 broadcasts all the Pinoy Channel shows on its overseas station. They are two of the busiest and celebrated Philippines based commercial television networks that air all the popular and well-liked Pinoy TV shows.

The site, Tambayan, has been built up to allow all the busy Filipino folklore and those working abroad to catch their favourite shows online at their own time. They need not alter their schedules to make themselves available for the shows when they are aired. They can watch the shows at their leisure without any hassles or worries.


Rest assured, the quality of the videos and recordings uploaded on Tambayan are first-rate, a million times better than what You Tube would serve you. It’s also completely free. You need not spend a penny more. Just make sure you have good internet connection, and voila, back to back episodes of your favourite show await you!